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Powering the future of business

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We welcome you to the kingdom of opportunities!
Where we are redefining lifestyle experiences

The early days... Our journey began with the opening of two menswear stores in Riyadh, established in 1990 by Fawaz Alhokair and his visionary brothers, Abdulmajeed and Salman. Since then, we've evolved into the Kingdom's largest fully integrated retail and shopping center organization.

Our commitment to delivering the best lifestyle experiences has been unwavering. We're constantly...
better experiences
...striving for better brands
...and better ways 
to serve our valued retail consumers.

Vision and Mission

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We envision becoming the most admired retail and lifestyle enterprise

Setting new standards for excellence and expanding our global presence

We are committed to delivering memorable interactions and fostering growth and collaboration in the communities we serve.

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Our mission is to connect consumers with premier brands and create exceptional lifestyle experiences

We challenge norms... ...Prioritize customer satisfaction ...And continuously innovate to enrich lives across the MENA region and beyond

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Our Culture

Is inclusive, defined by innovation, change, and the desire for greatness

Are you hoping to establish yourself in the retail and lifestyle sectors?



And at home

Our Core Values & Beliefs

We live by our core values, which are the foundation of our success

  • Delight customers Icons Group
    Delight Customers
    We always focus on our customers' needs and wants
  • Commit to Deliver  Icon Group
    Commit to Deliver
    We show personal commitment to delivering results
  • Execute with Excellence Icon Group
    Execute with Excellence
    How we work is as important as what we deliver
  • Win Together  Icon Group
    Win Together
    We work together for speed and execute for success
  • Embrace change icon5
    Embrace Change
    We have the courage to think about and shape a better future

Best Practices

We are committed to sustaining the highest standards of quality

  • Customer-Centric 
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    Customer-Centric Focus

    We put our customers first, continually improving their experiences.
  • Innovation and Adaptability Image

    Innovation and Adaptability

    We foster innovation and adapt to evolving industry trends.
  • Strong 
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    We build robust partnerships, ensuring quality products and services.
  • Operational 
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    We prioritize efficiency.
  • Talent 
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    We invest in our people's growth and promote diversity and inclusion.
  • Transparent Communication Image

    Transparent Communication

    We encourage honest communication.
  • Quality
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    We emphasize adhering to high-quality standards.


Charting Excellence, Guided by Visionary Leadership

Meet the visionary leaders driving our success. Each member of our leadership team brings a wealth of experience and expertise.

From transforming the retail landscape in Saudi Arabia to expanding our influence internationally, our leaders have a deep understanding of what it takes to make Cenomi MENA's most admired retail and lifestyle enterprise.